The Foundation for Religious Diplomacy is a public charity with 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt status in the United States. It is funded by donations from various individuals and organizations of different belief systems that support its mission.

The founder and chairman of the Foundation is Charles Randall Paul (MBA, Harvard University; Ph.D., University of Chicago, Committee on Social Thought). The board of directors consists of John W. Morehead (M.A., Salt Lake Theological Seminary; Director of the Western Institute for Intercultural Studies), and Daniel C. Peterson (Ph.D., Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA).

The foundation’s Senior Advisory Team is comprised of scholars and religious diplomats from many different traditions with wide and varied experiences. Gerald T. Snow (J.D., Harvard Law School, LL.M., taxation, New York University) serves as FRD’s secretary and legal counsel. Click here to learn more about all the members of the FID leadership team.

The Foundation is organized to promote and facilitate communication between people experiencing conflicts inspired by religious or ideological differences. It seeks to enroll and train religiously bi-lingual “interreligious diplomats” who can engage in deep dialogue encounters to decrease ill will and build trust without consensus or resolving ultimate conflicts.

Foundation membership affiliation is open to all persons that are willing to engage in respectful interreligious diplomatic exchanges in accordance with the principles of the Foundation. Members of the same religious or ideological persuasion are encouraged to inquire about forming chapters of the Foundation, guided by FRD principles and methods but directed by their distinct chapter goals for interreligious or inter-ideological communication.

The Foundation has invested substantially in The World Table PBC, a new Internet conversation system designed to improve the tone and quality of public conversations on any subject but especially difficult matters like religion and politics. Charles Randall Paul is the executive chairman of The World Table PBC.

Global Scholarly Publications is a subsidiary of the Foundation that promotes intercultural learning by publishing books and journals (especially bi-lingual texts), and by organizing workshops and conferences. Its current executive director is Parviz Morewedge (Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles). Visit Global Scholarly Publications to see a listing of its various publications.

The Foundation’s directors, advisors, members, and supporters are religiously diverse, and they often disagree in their own world views and ultimate beliefs. The Foundation neither supports nor opposes specific religions, ideologies, multi-religious unions, councils, or movements, however, it does oppose unethical, coercive, or violent efforts to impose religious or ideological influence on human conscience.