The FRD library is a constantly evolving area of the website that contains essays, articles, documents, and excerpts from important books and articles relating to the goals, theories, practical applications, and rationale that undergird the foundation’s work or or efforts of other groups whose work complements FRD’s. Its recommended reading section provides links to good books, articles, and other background materials relating to interreligious diplomacy.

The Theories that Under-gird the Programs at FRD      Download
by Charles Randall Paul, Ph.D.



A publishing subsidiary of the foundation, Global Scholarly Publications, aims to build respect and trust by publishing important texts that act as cultural bridges of understanding. Dozens of these texts have been translated into English and sometimes they are published as bi-lingual translations. This is a form of “literary diplomacy” that prepares the way for deeper intercultural and interreligious diplomatic encounters. Parviz Morewege, Ph.D., one of the foundation’s senior fellows, is the managing director for Global Scholarly Publications. These texts can be seen by going to the GSP website.