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The FRD Newsroom is a designated area for website visitors to access news stories and videos we believe will be of interest to all peace-builders.

18 February 2016

Yehuda Stolov, founder of Interfaith Encounter Association, publishes an article in The Jerusalem Post.

1 August 2015

Omer Salem, FRD chapter custodian of the Sunni chapter, publishes The Missing Peace: The Role of Religion in the Arab-Israeli ConflictM.
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15 October 2013

The World Table begins a software as a service business to bring respectful manners to public conversations online. FRD owns a share of The World Table.
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12, 19, 26 October 2012

PBS will be airing the series, “None of the Above: The Rise of the Religiously Unaffiliated.”

5 September 2012

“Religion and Peacebuilding: Grassroots Efforts by Israelis and Palestinians,” Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peace 4, no. 2 (Spring 2011). An analysis of FRD senior advisor Yehuda Stolov’s Israeli-Palestinian inter-religious grassroots dialogue.

2 August 2012

“Spiritual Boundaries in Modern Turkey,” audio from On Being, with Krista Tippett. This episode, a conversation with Krista Tippett and Father Alberto Ambrosio that took place 12 June in Turkey, describes the intriguing “interreligious dialogue virus.”

23 February 2012

“Rick Warren builds bridge to Muslims,” from The Orange County Register. Through years of outreach, Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren is part of an effort named King’s Way that’s attempting bring evangelical Christians and Muslims together.

16 September 2010

“I Believe You’re Wrong: The Trouble with Tolerance,” by FRD founder and president Charles Randall Paul and member of the FRD Evangelical Chapter John W. Morehead, published in Religion Dispatches online magazine.

12 November 2009

The Charter for Compassion has been officially launched.
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8 August 2009

Address to Muslims at the start of Ramadan by President Barack Obama.



A publishing subsidiary of the foundation, Global Scholarly Publications, aims to build respect and trust by publishing important texts that act as cultural bridges of understanding. Dozens of these texts have been translated into English and sometimes they are published as bi-lingual translations. This is a form of “literary diplomacy” that prepares the way for deeper intercultural and interreligious diplomatic encounters. Parviz Morewege, Ph.D., one of the foundation’s senior fellows, is the managing director for Global Scholarly Publications. These texts can be seen by going to the GSP website.



The FRD library is a constantly evolving area of the website that contains essays, articles, documents, and excerpts from important books and articles relating to the goals, theories, practical applications, and rationale that undergird the foundation’s work or or efforts of other groups whose work complements FRD’s. Its recommended reading section provides links to good books, articles, and other background materials relating to interreligious diplomacy.

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