FRD Chapters are comprised of respected individuals from various religious or ideological traditions that promote fruitful intra and intergroup diplomatic communication on matters of significance. The aim is to improve trust and understanding without compromising the integrity of participants. FRD methodologies encourage forthright exchanges that are both appreciative and critical. They are not contentious debates, but can be healthy contestations of truth between people of good will.

The primary work of the individual chapters is to identify and cultivate religiously bi-lingual diplomats within their own tradition, network with other FRD chapters in creating important relationships, conversations and other helpful activities, and share experiences and best practices that can contribute to effective religious diplomacy in families, communities, and societies experiencing conflicts over religious differences. Some chapters may choose to create immersion or exchange programs or provide other opportunities for persons outside their faith tradition to become religiously bi-lingual with their tradition’s beliefs, practices, and adherents. Others may focus on education and publishing. All are encouraged to document on video or audio and make available on the FRD website examples of successful dialogues with others.

Ultimately FRD will be a resource center for people that desire to see models of eloquent advocates of all religious and philosophical traditions in respectful dialogue that includes sincere contestation of truth. These diplomats will work with their respective chapters to serve as a resource when difficult issues between or within their communities call for diplomacy.

We encourage you to participate within the chapter for your own tradition, and to explore the chapters of other traditions that interest you. Click on the links for your religious tradition in the navigational system to the right of this text, and also be sure to visit the blog connected to your tradition for the latest discussion about topics pertinent to your interest.